WATCH: The Newest Trailer For ‘Cars 3’ Is Intense!

Cars was one of Disney-Pixar’s more iconic movies–and this is considering how every Pixar movie is pretty much always a good one. I mean, a film about cars with feelings?! Definitely one for the history books.

While the sequel to Cars wasn’t exactly a box-office hit, the third movie is definitely going to bring redemption for the franchise.

The Cars Facebook page just posted the trailer for Cars 3, and it looks so good!

Check it out below:

Compared to the second movie, Cars 3 seems to have a more serious premise, with Lightning McQueen possibly about to have the last race of his life. The films takes a deeper look into McQueen’s character and what legacy he’d like to leave once his career ends.

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Honestly, just watching the trailer already gave me a glimpse of how glorious the film is going to be. Just the premise itself is already so beautiful, and I think it’s going to be a great lesson for both kids and adults!

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to see Lightning McQueen ka-chowing back to cinemas!

Cars 3 is set to premiere in the Philippines on August 27.

Are you excited for Cars 3? What would you want to see in the film? Share it with us below!