WATCH: The country’s largest private employer promotes a gender-equal workplace

When it comes to providing equal opportunity regardless of gender, age or background, Concentrix, the Philippines’ largest private employer with 80,000 staff nationwide, is at the forefront. Globally, its President Chris Caldwell has been recognized in Comparably’s Top 50 list of “Best CEOs for Diversity” in 2019, which comes from employee ratings.

Concentrix promotes a gender-equal workplace in the belief that everyone possesses qualities that can contribute to the collective success of the organization. In the Philippines, this is evident in all aspects – such as competency-based recruiting, meritocracy-based performance management and promotions, HR practices such as extending benefit eligibilities to non-traditional families, and facilities such as gender-neutral washrooms in addition to regular ones.

The same is true in the company’s marketing and communications. In Concentrix Philippines’ latest brand campaign called “Different by Design” which is also Concentrix’s identity and tagline, the company features no less than its own staff and portrays them as innovators, disruptors, problem solvers, thinkers and navigators—personality attributes that convey dissatisfaction with the status quo, reimagining what “great” can be, and delivering transformative results. Concentrix intentionally showcases diverse backgrounds and perspectives to create a better workplace experience for all.

Watch: Concentrix is different by design

Of the 25 model employees chosen by Concentrix PH to represent the campaign, 5 are from the LGBTQIA+ community. In this article, the models share their personal experiences with the company’s work culture, the brand campaign, and what PRIDE means to them.

Oliver Santiago, an agent based in Quezon City, says, “For me, pride is about having satisfaction from one’s achievements as well as the collective success of those with whom one is closely associated. It is intrinsic to the culture of the LGBTQIA+ community and our defiant stand against intolerance and bias. I also believe that part of showing pride in one’s work is by having integrity – doing what is right even when no one is watching. That’s essential in BPO because it is what our clients expect in order to keep their trust as our partner.

Talking about pride at being a “thinker”, Wilmar Gusabas from Cebu, says, “I am lucky to be able to express my creative ideas at work. It gives me extra confidence that helps in my journey of building a strong character as a gay person. I am lucky to have a workplace that celebrates diversity.”

“Pride is showing your true self without compromising your or other’s beliefs,” shares Jayvee Bulatao, who is a Training Manager in Concentrix Mandaluyong. “I can attest to the non-discrimination and the policies upholding respect for the individual. I believe that this embodies what being ‘Different by Design’ is, which is being purposefully unique and celebrating the qualities of each person who joins our team.”

Jerick Marzan, a Makati-based Team Leader, shares that a progressive workplace can navigate through the complexities of a changing world. According to Jerick, “when there are inclusive practices like gender-neutral washrooms that ensure everyone has a safe space, it helps us feel that we are cared for. As we continue to promote equal rights and opportunities, we are also spreading love.”

Eds Samson, an agent based in Clark, adds to this, saying, “Diversity is important because it helps us remove boundaries and become open to other possibilities of solving problems and generating ideas. The diversity that Concentrix demonstrates in its marketing materials is a statement that it’s perfectly okay to disrupt the status quo and stand out in ways that make the experience better for everyone around you.”

In all its practices of non-discrimination, equality, openness, and diversity, Concentrix hopes to change conversations and lead by example. In addition to the “Different by Design” campaign it launched in April, Concentrix PH also produced a video for Pride Month, called #TakePride in the Family You Choose.

WATCH: Concentrix’s The Family You Choose






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