WATCH: Tang Philippines’ Ad #NoToParentJudging is Powerful

I must admit, online campaigns are now becoming more creative and more personal. Indeed, brands have kept it real in sending the message to their consumers. Such is the latest commercial of Tang Philippines. In the video, it showed how parent judging is prevalent in our society.

On their Facebook page, they wrote a powerful caption to the video:

Have you ever experienced being judged as a parent? Don’t worry. As long as you do your best to make a home, it will always matter more than any kind of judgment. Tang believes we are defined by what happens at home. Share this video if you agree. ‪#‎WeAreHomeMade‬ ‪#‎NoToParentJudging‬

Watch the powerful video below:

Saying “parenting is hard” is an understatement. The privilege is only given to resilient people who can endure hardship with great fortitude.

Truthfully, “do not judge a book by its cover,” is probably the most used line but hardly practiced. We are always quick to judge people without knowing the reason behind it.

Again,  #‎WeAreHomeMade‬ and please ‪#‎NoToParentJudging‬

How about you: Have you ever experienced being judged as a parent?


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