WATCH: Taiwan – An Underrated Tourist Destination

When in Manila Mae went to Taiwan recently and this trip of hers sparked Dai Bermudo to share her own travel video in Taiwan with us.

Compressed in a 5-minute video, Dai says they had a great time discovering the country. She says the island is so beautiful, yet there weren’t a lot of tourists when they went. “Underrated destination ito,” she says. “Hindi rin namin akalain na ganito kaganda. Tinaya namin lahat pati pato, buhay at lisensya, so enjoy watching! :p” Check out the video below:

Dai also shares that visiting Taiwan was never on their priority list. However, in search for a cheaper flight for an out-of-the-country trip, they were bumped into booking a trip there without knowing what the tiny island has to offer.

Amazingly, Dai says this incredible land really has a lot of suprises for newbie and non-newbie travellers. From the unique and delicious dishes to the friendly people to the visually stunning scenery to the perfect weather to the endless steps on their lushes mountains, Taiwan is indeed a must-visit one.

According to Dai, not many people know just how amazing the country is, which makes it one of the most underrated destinations in Asia. Will you be considering Taiwan on your travel list this year?

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