WATCH: Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung Already Filmed a Beauty Video for Vogue Years Ago

Apparently, the fashion world already had its eyes on actress HoYeon Jung for quite some time, before we all ever got to know her as player 067 on Squid Game. HoYeon Jung, 27, is already a star on the runway, with her international debut being for Louis Vuitton in 2016, followed by gigs for other designer brands like Marc Jacobs, Burberry, and Chanel. She has been modeling since she was 13, and was a runner-up in Korea’s Nex Top Model season 4.

In 2016, the year the model-turned-actress went international, she quickly caught the eye of the fashion industry, and even landing a video on Vogue’s popular series, “Beauty Secrets.” Beauty Secrets is a video series wherein celebrities, beauty icons, and supermodels share their personal beauty and skin care routines. The video went viral again after Vogue updated the title of HoYeon’s video to acknowledge her Squid Game stardom. (Smart move there, Vogue!)

And can we just say? HoYeon is not only gorgeous, she’s also adorable! Watch the video here:

Vogue wrote about HoYeon in the description:

Hoyeon Jung is the redheaded modeling sensation who took fashion month by storm, hopping from Marc Jacobs in New York, to Fendi in Milan and scoring a coveted Louis Vuitton exclusive in Paris. Watch the rising runway star break down her Korean beauty secrets, from a de-puffing pressure point massage to two-tone concealer and lips.

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