WATCH: SOLID OK is the comedy channel you need to check out right now!

I think that the main feature of a strong story is its ability to connect with the audience. Our favorite characters are the ones we see ourselves in, our favorite movies are those that capitalize on the human experience, and the best humor is the one that picks up on the nuances of its audiences. This is how SOLID OK sets itself apart from others.

They describe themselves as “this funny Filipino comedy channel thing” and they basically create comedic video skits. What makes them different from other channels is their focus on Filipino humor and context. From dramatizing that awkward moment of frisking by security guards to imitating those cheesy commercial jingles we can never get out of our head, SOLID OK strikes a chord through relatability.

If you don’t believe us, just check out some of our favorite videos from their channel:

3. Good Tita, Bad Tita

This is one that anyone who’s ever been to a family reunion or holiday gathering can relate to. Being forced to make conversation with your short-tempered aunt or answer the prying questions from your overly-open one. And worst of all — being caught between them.


2. Aksyon SDE

Whether you’ll admit it or not, we were all caught up in the same-day edit craze at one point or the other. These videos had all the same elements: a cheesy song, shots of the wedding party, and letters and gifts being exchanged to name a few. Aksyon SDE takes all of those and applies it to…

an action movie. And it actually works!


1. Breakup Muna

Breakup Muna takes advantage of two things whose pain is universally felt by Filipinos: having to break up with someone, and trying to speak over the shouts of “irasshaimase!” in a Japanese restaurant.


(U-LOL: Filipino commuters a.k.a. “WARRIORS”)

SOLID OK has something for everyone, the jokes they write are ones we can all connect to as Filipinos. Plus, they don’t pull their punches, which just makes everything more interesting.

You can check out the rest of their channel here.

Which video was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!