WATCH: So This Is the Makeover Video Chloe Moretz Reacted To!

A few days back, we saw Chloe Moretz react via Twitter to her lookalike’s makeover. Later on we found out that the makeover of Edcell Ched was an effort done by Jollibee and Megastyle.

In the video below, we see Asia’s Next Top Model alumni, Katarina Rodriguez surprise Edcell at her job as a cashier in Jollibee, Navotas. They soon proceed to a studio whewre they give her the works of a full-blown fashion photo shoot.


The results are amazing. And sure she looks like Chloe Moretz, but the truth is, Edcell is just naturally beautiful on her own. Work it, girl!

What do you think of the makeover? Let us know below!