WATCH: Scenic Views from Mountains in the Philippines in One Minute

Do you hike? I’ve never hiked in my life, but I always enjoy reading people’s stories on their trips to the mountains, see the photos of their successes, hear about the memories they collected, and dream about one day making it to a summit myself. I’ve heard that there are a ton of gorgeous mountains in the Philippines and I really hope to be able to experience them myself someday.

This longing has manifested itself even more, thanks to Jassem DS, who made this stunning video of scenic views from mountains on the Phlippines in one minute. Check it out:

Some of the mountains featured in the video are Mt. Galugod Baboy, Mt. Maculot and Mt. Batulao in Batangas; Mt. Makiling in Laguna; Mt. Manalmon in Bulacan; Mt. Kabunian, Mt. Pulag, Mt. Ulap, Mt. Lobo and Mt. Tenglawan in Benguet; Mt. Sembrano and Mt. Daraitan in Rizal; Mt. Mariveles in Bataan; Mt. Palay Palay and Mt. Marami in Cavite.

What’s your favorite mountain? Share your experiences with us!

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