WATCH: Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Star in “Life,” a Creepy Alien Movie

WATCH- Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Star in Life, a Creepy Alien Movie

If ever you’re in the mood for a good alien movie, you should check out Life, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The two actors play members of an international space crew who discover life on Mars, and are on their way back to Earth when they realize the alien life form is following them.

And they’re not exactly friendly.

Watch the tense trailer below:

The film came at the right time, as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is investing in research to study life on Mars. In 2011, they launched the Curiosity rover, a machine that is still on Mars to study the planet. Apart from that, the space agency has partnered with the Peru-based International Potato Center (CIP), which has been studying how they can grow potatoes on the red planet. To do this, they engineered a plot of land that mimics the environment on Mars. After a year, they were able to successfully grow a crop of potatoes. At the same time, they are testing a practice rover in the Atacama Desert in Chile, which is also similar to Martian environment.

Life is directed by Daniel Espinosa and will premiere on March 24.

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