WATCH: Riverdale Actors KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse Test their Bromance

“You should know this because I send it to you a lot, bro. If you get this wrong I’m gonna be real gutted,” says KJ Apa to his friend and co-star, Cole Sprouse when they were asked what KJ’s most used emoji is. Don’t worry, they got it right.

With that said, ladies and gents and fans of Riverdale, it’s official. Archie and Jughead (aka KJ and Cole) really is the bromance tandem of the yearin the show and in real life!

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In this following video, the actors were set up with a true test of friendship. A series of questions about each other were asked, and they get points if they both get it right. They don’t get all the questions right, but how did they do? Pretty well, I must say. And we are impressed. Find out more about these two Riverdale actors through their answers. Watch the test below!

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