WATCH: Pet dog rides jeepney to catch up with owner

A video of a dog in Cebu City, Philippines is going viral on social media. Apparently, the dog did a rode on a jeepney to catch up with his owner.

The video was posted on Facebook by Nova Tapuyao. It shows the dog who seems to look lost and takes a ride in a jeepney.

The post has a caption: ‘My sister on her way home found this cutie riding a jeepney looking anxious and then this happens.”

The viral video was captured by Nova’s sister.

The dog finally finds its owner as the jeep stopped at Cebu City’s Guadalupe-Banawa intersection, next to a multi-cab.

When the woman sees her dog leaping out of the jeep, she immediately rushed out of the cab and carried her dog along. “Ali diri, naboang, dali,” (“Come here, unbelievable. Quickly!”), she can be heard saying in the video.

The viral video now has more than 2 million views.

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