WATCH: The People in Roxas City Remind Us to Appreciate the Little Things

Michael Gonzales recently posted this interesting video, which he blatantly expresses is not a travel video. Michael shares that he just wanted to share his experience in Roxas City to showcase the simple lifestyle that the people have out there.

“We live in a fast-paced world,” he points out, “so busy that we tend to overlook the simpler side of life. We forget how tranquil it can be to stop and notice the ordinary. Pause for a moment and observe. Appreciate the stillness, the little movements, the life around you. Begin to realize that there is joy in the slowness and beauty in the simplicity.” It’s a beautiful sentiment – one that his video clearly portrays. Watch it to see what we mean:

Michael shares that he wants to showcase the simplicity of the life people have in Roxas City compared to Manila. “Don’t get me wrong,” he adds, “but sometimes, we don’t appreciate the little things due to distractions caused by our current technology. What I saw there and appreciated the most is the life we have without any gadgets/technology, and away from the distractions.”

In the video, Michael generally focuses on one family (his girlfriend’s father’s side) and represents their life at the farm, at church, on the road – basically representing how life beautiful is with these simple things.

“The video is not to impress tourists,” he reiterates. “Honestly, it’s for us people who work hard everyday – a reminder that we don’t need a beautiful and expensive place to have a break.” How inspiring is that?