WATCH: Paris Hilton’s Pets Have Their Own Dog Mansion!

Paris Hilton‘s luxurious lifestyle is no secret.

But hey, just recently, Paris took her glamorous self and love for her pets a notch higher. Well, buying an expensive dog bed is one thing, but building a mini dog mansion is another – and that’s exactly what she did.

Her pooches, better known as the #HiltonPets, are living the high life, too, at their fabulous, white, two-story, Italian-themed residence in Beverly Hills. Paris designed it herself as a customized, smaller version of her own home.

The dog mansion is air-conditioned, installed with heater, accentuated with a fancy chandelier and indoor balustrade, and completed with beds, couches and closets. Oh, and it also has a fenced-in lawn, personal tree and a mini balcony! It’s something only Paris Hilton can probably afford (or willing to splurge into).

So, if we can’t live a life like Paris, then can we at least have a house as cute as this one too?

What do you think of the #HiltonPets mansion? Tell us in the comments.


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