Watch on-the-go! 10 ABS-CBN local online shows that will help you beat FOMO

There is no longer denying the intimate relationship between Filipinos and their smartphones. One need only observe the scenes in the daily commute to prove this. We’ve become inseparable from our gadgets, which have become our primary source of information and entertainment, anytime, anywhere.

It’s also a fact that ABS-CBN observed this early on, as the network has been producing one digital show after another, exploring different topics not normally caught on television. Its new roster of original shows available online have a short running time and are very watchable, ideal for watching anytime, anywhere (read: while stuck in traffic!)—whether one-by-one or binge-watching.

10. “Lakwatsero” (

Robi Domingo returns to the great outdoors with this show that recently crossed over to digital. “Lakwatsero,” a travelogue Robi had hosted when it aired on ANC, features Robi trekking through the great outdoors and trying out various local cuisines. Tag along with him as he eats his way through the provinces and discovers the secrets behind famous dishes like Inasal and Kanse in Bacolod, even discovering the supposed birthplace of Chicken Inasal.

The show is also ABS-CBN News’ first online current affairs show and follows Robi in his journey through Basey and Calbiga in Samar, Iloilo, Bacolod, Mt. Apo in Davao Del Sur, Malapascua and Bantayan Islands in Cebu, Bukidnon, Cagayan De Oro, and Iligan City. Episodes are uploaded every MondayWednesday, and Friday at 6 PM on the Life section of, as well as on its official Facebook ( and Youtube ( pages.

9. Coffee Break (

“Coffee Break,” actor Nash Aguas’ directorial debut, is a sitcom that follows a barkada as they talk about their lives, problems, and life lessons over coffee. It’s a refreshing show that makes you feel like it’s your life they’re portraying—think “Friends” or “How I Met Your Mother”—except very Filipino.

8. Squad Goals (

The online hit “Squad Goals” sees popular teen stars Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, along with friends Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo being totally themselves. They DIY practical life hacks together and remind us that they’re just kids, too.

Whether or not you’re originally fans of the MayWard, watch an episode and you’ll see why they’re some of the most-loved new faces in showbiz today, with their infectious humor, candid personalities, and undeniable chemistry.

7. Kikinangkinang Kasama si Kaladkaren (

In “Kikinangkinang Kasama si Kaladkaren,” Karen Davila impersonator brings a new flavor to celebrity interviews by challenging them. Ever seen hunky JC De Vera getting messy with cake? Or “Wildflower’s” Roxanne Barcelo participating in a Q&A portion with a drinking challenge? Kaldkaren challenges her celeb guests with games you won’t see on TV.

6. Dear Alex (

Alex Gonzaga is known for her NoFilter sense of humor, occasionally going viral for her bluntness. These qualities also make her a great source of life and relationship advice—especially since she’s just like any of us when it comes to dating, heartbreak, and even having strict parents.

On “Dear Alex,” she answers fans’ questions on love and life with her humor, honesty, and personal experience, with the help of classic ABS-CBN series and Star Cinema movies.

5. Youtopia (

This “La Luna Sangre” spinoff is a new take on local TV—composed of 13 short episodes, “Youtopia” is like your Pinoy millennial series with less drama, more intrigue, and definitely more excitement. 

“Pinoy Big Brother” alum Axel Torres stars in the show about a barkada whose lives change when they unknowingly stumble upon the world of vampires and find their lives suddenly drastically different.

4. Love Connects (

This collection of digital shorts celebrates love in the digital age, telling stories of different kinds of love and the struggles that come with it. “On/Offline” tells the story of Monica (played by Trina Legaspi of Star Magic) and Darryl (played by theater actor CJ Reyes), both active social media users and from rival schools. They have firm and contrasting opinions and would often clash—until they meet and fall in love. 

Meanwhile, “Joshua’s Song,” is about budding musician Joshua, who keeps his true identity from his family. Although he articulates his struggles in a song, it remains unfinished as he searches for acceptance within himself and one day, with his family. In “LDR,” Cholo and Lesley’s three-year relationship has lasted despite the distance but is being tested by, of all things, traffic. To make the relationship work, the couple communicates online, but the traffic, time difference, and communication issues threaten their bond.

3. Push Now Na! with Darla Sauler (

Everyone’s favorite TV sidekick (who’s also a head writer for many of ABS-CBN’s hit talk shows) Darla takes where no one else dares: straight inside the bags of the hottest celebrities. She sits down for casual but intimate interviews (read: in dressing rooms) as the stars themselves let us take a peep at what’s in their bags.

 See which artistas have a taste for luxurious brands, and which ones are surprisingly low-key. Ever wondered how much cash celebs carry around? Only Darla will find out for you. Be prepared to go on a marathon—everyone who’s anyone has been bag-raided by Darla.

2. Hotspot With DJ Jhai Ho (

Everyone’s favorite entertainment radio DJ Jhai Ho takes you with him as he gets the latest scoop from the hottest celebs in real time. Keep up with the latest news as DJ Jhai Ho gets the info straight from the stars themselves—whether via ambush interview, phone call, or  even inside a car.

1. Unspoken Rules (

Another show from Adober Studios, “Unspoken Rules” show tells stories of unspoken and unrequieted love, narrated with spoken word poetry. Prepare to cry your heart out because it will make you re-live every heartbreak you’ve been through.

Have you seen any of these local online shows from ABS-CBN? What do you think?

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