WATCH: The New Jollibee Video Looks Mighty Familiar…

Apparently, to some, the new Jollibee video looks mighty familiar…

At first, I thought my parents were jus trying to be funny when they started to talk about an old Jollibee commercial involving astronauts enjoying Jollibee; but then curiosity got the better of me, and after much digging, I found the commercial they were talking about – and apparently, they were right! The new Jollibee Yum Burger video is actually inspired by it.

Teen stars Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia are the newest members of the Jollibee family and the new faces of the 100% beefy langhap-sarap Jollibee Yum Burger. In the new video, Julia and Joshua are coming from a costume party sporting matching astronaut outfits similar to the 80s TVC. They’re seen heading to Jollibee to enjoy their favorite langhap-sarap Yum Burger.

This is inspired by the classic 1980’s Jollibee ad that featured the “Langhap Sarap” appeal that it even caught the attention of foreigners–in space! The ‘80s ad shows two U.S. astronauts on the moon following crowds of people heading to Jollibee, and are eventually seen enjoying a Jollibee meal for themselves.

The new campaign TVC also uses the same iconic jingle from the 80’s TVC with the recurring lines: Langhap sarap ito, yan ang Yum Burger. Ang sarap ng amoy! Langhapin mo’t pansinin, kagatin mo’t namnamin, beefy na langhap sarap ng Yum Burger.

The similarities don’t end there, either.

There are various elements that are similar between the 1980s TVC and the new one – from the group of people riding a jeepney to Jollibee to the way the Yum Burgers are served to them by the crew. I especially love that Edcell Ched, the Jollibee crew member that became popular for bearing a strong resemblance to American actress Chloe Moretz, makes a special cameo in the new video, too, serving Joshua and Julia their Yum Burgers! Watch both videos here:

‘Langhap-sarap’ is a term that I have always associated with Jollibee. Isang langhap mo pa lang, alam mong sarap agad ang matitikman mo. I just never knew that it has stayed true to its langhap-sarap trademark for decades now. I don’t know. I just thought that was cool and would share it with you.


What do you think of the new video?