WATCH: Mommy Dionisia Prays Intensely During Pacquiao-Matthysse Fight, Steals the Show Again

What is the secret to Manny Pacquiao’s success in his boxing career? You can say it’s innate talent, a world-class team, training, and coaching, but for us, it’s really this: Mommy D.

Mrs. Dionisia Pacquiao, aka Mommy D, aka the champion boxer’s loving mother, doesn’t like being at her son’s matches (what mother likes to see her child getting a beating anyway?

), but when she is, she prays. And she prays hard.

It was in 2014 during the Pacquiao-Bradley fight when the world first saw the “spell-casting” Mommy D ringside, and she’s back at it again this time at the Pacquiao-Matthysse fight.

Watch the video below, posted by Facebook user Mustapha Alauya:


“Lakas ng Chakra ni Mommy D!” Alauya wrote in his caption. [Mommy D’s chakra is strong!]

The question is, do Mommy D’s prayers (or spell or hex, whatever you want to believe) work? Well, her son won the 2014 match against Timothy Bradley and 2018’s match against Lucas Matthysse, so…

you tell us.

Pacquiao won on a technical knockout in his fight against Matthysse in July 15, 2018.

What is your favorite Mommy D moment during a Pacquiao fight? Tell us in the comments!