WATCH: Mikey Bustos Releases Rap Video on Philippine Mythical Creatures

Remember that time when your parents told you really scary stories of different creatures lurking about, in an effort to make you come home?

Remember how the thought of those creatures still haunts you to this very day?

Mikey Bustos is at it again!

Mikey Bustos rap Philippine mythical creatures

The DJ and comedian, known for his hilarious Youtube videos on the Philippines, has released another video… this time rapping about mythical creatures!

Everything you need to know about your favorite creature in Philippine folklore, Mikey has got you covered! Mikey transforms into a host of creatures, from the “half macho dancer, half stallion” tikbalang, the Belo-whitening white lady of Balete Drive, to the seductive sirena who wants to join The Voice of the Philippines!

Watch for yourself below:

What do you think of this video?! Which creature were you most afraid of growing up?


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