WATCH: Meet the Man Who’s Sailing Countries in his Small Boat and is Currently in PH

Jonathan has been sailing in this little boat of his for two years now. He started February of 2014 in Singapore, then made his way down to Manila, and sailing all over the Philippines. He is nearing the end of his journey in this country, and plans to go back to his home country of USA. But not without his boat, of course. He plans to take the long route home, completing a unforgettable ’round the world trip.

“This is gonna take me the rest of my life,” Jonathan exclaims, with so much passion and excitement for adventure in his voice.

This is wonderful piece of film was shot by The Philippine Roadtrip, who only with an incredible stroke of luck chanced upon Jonathan docked somewhere in Palawan. But of course we know that their encounter wasn’t entirely coincidence; their meeting was fated, so Jonathan’s story may be shared with the world.

Watch the short film here:

You can follow Jonathan’s Journey here:
And The Philippine Roadtrip here:

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