WATCH: Man Plays Soulful Music with His Harp in a Village in Cebu

I have always been fascinated by string instruments, particularly the harp, because of the harmonic music that it creates when played. The sounds are heavenly and relaxing, and when played in a different tempo, harp music evokes certain moods. I have only had the chance to listen to a Filipino harpist on YouTube, and I have wished to listen to a live performance every since.

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Having thought about this recently, I remembered that Kate Albaladejo posted a photo of a man a few months ago who plays his harp in their subdivision in Banawa, Cebu City. How lucky the homeowners are to hear him play heavenly music! Kate listened to the calming melody, reveling in this rare moment for a good five minutes – and made her day, the harpist did! Listen to him here:

A rare moment indeed – the man with a harp who plays soulful music took caroling to the next level. Will he be playing Christmas carols in December, I wonder?