WATCH: Man performs in foot bridge to “make children happy”

This guy just wants to spread some love and happiness!

Facebook user Nico Magbiray took it to his account how he witnessed a man try to bring joy to passerby’s, particularly children. The man’s gestures also caught Magbiray’s attention.

He captions:

“A moment of WOW!

A while ago, as I was crossing the footbridge from Mall of Asia to Seaside, I saw this man with a portable speaker(playing happy millennial songs) on his chest and a party laser light on his right hand.

Natuwa ako and at the same time na-curious if bakit siya nandoon kaya I asked him with a smile, (I was amused and at the same time curious why he was there, so I asked him with a smile):

“Sir bakit niyo po ginagawa yan?” 

Then he answered,

“Gusto ko kasing nakikita na masaya yung mga bata.” (I like seeing kids happy.)

*In the video, you’ll see him that he is really fond of the kids. 

At that moment mas lalo pa akong sumaya dahil sa sagot niya. (I felt happier because of his answer). This made me realize and feel that there is still hope and that there are still people who’ll do things to make others happy rather than themselves. With this little act of kindness, I felt the love and his heart to really make people happy even just for a moment. Sometimes we’ll do things in life na kahit hindi normal sa atin (even if it’s not normal for us), gagawin pa din natin (we’ll still do whatever we caqn) to make someone happy, to make someone smile, and to make someone feel loved.

Thank you, natanggal mo pagod ko (I no longer feel tired) with this Sir Andy Ho.  

As a way of thanking him, I said “thank you” and I gave him a hug.

Thank you for making a difference. 
God bless you!
Thank you for being Jesus sa moment na to 


Check out the video below!

More people like Mr. Ho, please! :)

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