WATCH: Little Girl’s Frustration at Her Failed Attempt at Flirting is Like All of Us

“I dress cute, I smile at him, I even winked at him. Two times!!”

Ella, the little girl in the video, was picked up one day from school by her mom. In the car, Ella started to go on and on to her mom, venting her frustrations on how she tried to flirt with her crush at school, and failed. Ugh, hate when that happens. I mean, guys. She winked. Twice. How can he not notice her??? And all she got was a small smile back, she said. Le sigh.

But if there’s anything good to take from this failed attempt at flirting, is this hilarious video recorded by her mom, Rachelle Coriddi, who uploaded it on YouTube. Watch the young girl’s tale of flirting below:

To be honest, this girl is better at flirting than me. When someone I have crush on talks to me, I usually freeze until I find enough courage to slowly walk away. :p #truestory

Oh, Ella. We feel ya, girl.

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