WATCH: Kim Kardashian Transforms into Princess Jasmine and It is Spot On!

Makeup transformation videos are honestly so satisfying and entertaining to watch. It’s really no surprise that we’ve got amazingly skillful Filipinos who are into this type of art. But let’s zoom out for a bit and check out some makeup transformations from the other side of the world.

Kim Kardashian, one of the biggest names in showbiz today, got herself in a makeup transformation just a few days ago. No, she wasn’t the one who did it (even though she can do makeup flawlessly). Instead, she became the model/canvas for makeup artist Kandee Johnson.

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In this particular video, Johnson transforms Kardashian into Disney’s Princess Jasmine!

Watch the video below:

Personally, I really think the transformation is spot on. I couldn’t even see Kim in there!

The makeup artist says that she really chose Kim for this particular Princess Jasmine transformation because the celebrity actually looks a lot like the princess.

Kim’s little girl North, on the other hand, just wouldn’t have it. She just kept saying “no!” when her mom FaceTimed her as Princess Jasmine.

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