WATCH: John Mayer Is All Of Us As He Dances In “Still Feel Like Your Man” MV

It’s a different John Mayer we’re seeing as the music video for “Still Feel Like Your Man” has just been released, the first single from his newest album, “The Search for Everything”.

John Mayer Still Feel Like Your Man music video

Far from the brooding blues and country tunes he’s cranked out in previous albums, the music video for the supposedly Katy Perry-inspired song features vibrant colors which John describes as “disco dojo”, complete with kimonos, swords, bamboo trees, and pandas.

It’s a stark contrast from the muted colors we’re used to seeing Mayer in, but this change is supposed to reflect the pop-soul undertones of the song — and John even has the grooves to show for it!

John even joked about his dancing as something fans have been begging to see on Twitter:

His dancing is hella awkward, but what the hell — we still feel like your fans. And props for representing us left-footed folk.

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