WATCH: JM De Guzman Reveals What Suffering from Panic Disorder Looks Like

JM De Guzman has openly shared with fans and friends what it’s like to suffer from a panic disorder.

In a video clip he posted on Instagram, the 31-year-old actor is seen covering his head with a towel soaked in ice water as he took deep breaths to calm himself down.

“This is what my panic disorder looks like,” he began in his post which he said was taken at 4 AM. He described the feeling as an “intense [wave] of emotions” where his heartbeat was so rapid that it made him feel like he was “about to pass out or die.”

“I use ice to slow down the heartbeat and to feel my face because my body is numb, overpowered by emotions,” he shared. “This [may be] caused by a painful trauma in the past. I managed to record this because somehow I’m learning to cope with it and just hoping others might relate and to let you know you’re not alone.”


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He then gave the following advice to those who may be suffering from the same thing he was. “If you have this too, put ice on your face, head, hand, and body. Just pray and [take] deep breaths and make the people around you understand [your] condition. [Tell] them to stop asking questions and just be there so [that] the attack will subside quicker rather than [be] triggered.”

“It’ll be over after 30 or 40 mins and you’ll be fine. (Keep telling that to yourself so that’s the only thing running inside your mind),” he added.

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Do you suffer from this condition too? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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