WATCH: Jason Momoa Performs Intense Haka Dance with MMA Fighters

Jason Momoa, best known as everyone’s beloved Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, is a huge fan of MMA. So much so that as New Zealand native MMA fighter Mark Hunt prepares for his much-awaited big fight with Derick Lewis, Momoa showed up in Hunt’s training facility in Australia to show support. Derick Lewis, Hunt’s upcoming opponent, is on a great streak–he has not lost one fight in his last six battles. So yes, this is a big deal for Momoa’s MMA idol.

As part of the preparation for the fight, the New Zealand native performed with his team some traditional pre-fight rituals including a the intense haka dance. The haka is a traditional war cry or war dance performed by the Maori people of New Zealand. Jason Momoa, albeit hailing from Hawaii, is known for his own haka knowledge as he used it to audition (and bagging) for his unforgettable role in Game of Thrones.

Watch the performance here:

Jason Momoa is also starring as the lead role in upcoming DC film, Aquaman.