WATCH: Japan’s New Promotional Video Will Make You Want To Go There ASAP

“Japan: Where tradition meets the future.”

Japan’s new promotional tourism video begins with this line, and I can’t think of anything more accurate than this. Japan is a land so rich in culture and tradition—where old practices are kept alive, treasured, and are shared with so much pride with the world.

Yet it is also one of the most advanced countries in the world, where technology is burgeoning and the future seems so bright. How can a country be so traditional yet so developed? Only the Japanese can do that.

There is much art and precision in everything they do, and as someone who has been there once before, I find so much beauty in it. And I wish you will, too, with the help of the country’s new promotional video, which you can watch here:

Have you always dreamed of going to Japan, too? What are the things you want to do there? Let us know in the comments!