WATCH: Isabelle Daza Shows Us What Really Happened in Argentina

Late last year, there were rumours that Solenn Heusaff married her boyfriend Nico Bolzico in Argentina. It turned out those rumours weren’t true.

While she eventually did marry Nico (in France!), a lot of people have been wondering about their trip to Argentina with the entire squad.

solenn heussaff got married

Well, wonder no more. Isabelle Daza just posted a travel video on their trip to Argentina with the caption “Bienvenida a casa! This is what really happened in Argentina lol”. She even tagged Solenn. Apparently, the friends all went there to celebrate New Year’s together. Watch Isabelle’s video and die of envy – those are squad goals right there!

Have you and your friends gone anywhere cool lately? Share your experiences with us! 🙂