WATCH: Isabelle Daza Shows Off Her Secret “Singing Talent” Through Hilarious Videos

Isabelle Daza is known to be one of the country’s It Girls and the daughter of 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz. While she may have been part of a few controversies recently, she proves that it won’t keep her from making her fans happy.

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The Filipina model just posted an Instagram video that shocked everyone. It was one of her showing off her “secret talent”–singing.

In the caption, she writes:

So I’ve been secretly taking singing lessons for 6 months. Here goes… ❤️

So I've been secretly taking singing lessons for 6 months. Here goes… ❤️

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Isabelle’s video featured Beyonce’s Halo, and when I first heard her “singing voice” I was instantly impressed. I immediately thought, “Wow. 6 months of singing lessons? She’s amazing!”

But that was until I saw the other video she posted right after. “Part 2,” she said:

Part 2.

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This is where the truth was revealed.

The whole reason behind her amazing “voice” was that she had a little bit of help from a friend behind the scenes–Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. The Songbird herself let Isabelle borrow her singing voice for these hilarious videos.

They both got a lot of us fooled! Nicely done, ladies!

What did you think of  Isabelle’s “singing”? Share it with us!

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