WATCH: Inspiring Video of People Saying What Makes Them Happy Proves Happiness is Free

What makes you happy?

Ah, such a simple question yet can stop people on their tracks and leave them blank. It’s bizarre how one of the most basic questions in life is also the most difficult to answer. In this life laden with too many wants, it has become almost next to impossible to strip yourself off of all your fears, worries, limitations, and really reveal the golden truth underneath it allthe source of your happiness, the core of your being, or the little things that simply make you smile each day.

In this video released by LA based creative agency SoulPancake, they brought in to their studio people of all ages ranging from 1 to 105 to ask them this one question: What makes you happy?

The result is an inspiring montage of people from different walks of life sharing the different things that make them happy. From family to friends, to swimming and creating, and simply living. We all know that these are amazing things, but the biggest and best revelation here is how not one of these people talked about material things. It’s all about special people, and experiences, and laughter, which only further proves that wonderful thing we all already know:

The best things in life are, indeed, free.

Which part of the video was your favorite? We loved the kid who said he loves being tickled by his mom until he feels like peeing! And how about you? What makes YOU happy? :)

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