WATCH: Inspiring CCTV Footage Videos Capture Unseen Kindness Around the World

There are CCTVs almost everywhere all around the world. And, yes, these electronic tools were meant for security purposes, to keep an eye out for ill-willed deeds, but being active 24/7 all year round means…these things have captured quite some slices of life. We hear about crimes and brawls everyday captured by these security cameras, but what about the good stuff? The kindness and the love that are everyday present, too, but most often go unnoticed?

“Let’s look at the world a little differently.” That’s what this video calls for. There will always be bad things happening in this world, but maybe we can try not to let that cloud our minds. Because there is kindness, too. Just because we don’t hear about it a lot, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And apart from just looking out for these good stories, perhaps we can become one, too.

Perhaps we can live life with a little more smile on our faces, and look at the bright side of things instead of constantly focusing on the bad. Perhaps it’s time we celebrate the goodness. The kindness in this worldno matter how big, no matter how small. And, above all, perhaps we can all live life as if there’s a security camera constantly watching over us, that may we be more conscious of our actions. To try to do more good, and spread the good, instead of the constant slur of hate and negativity that’s so common these days.

Let’s look at the world a little differently. And maybe, just maybe, we can make a change.

Watch the video below:

How about you? In what little ways can you show kindness every day?

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