WATCH: How to Prepare for a Typhoon

Typhoon Koppu is headed our way and it is expected to be the biggest, baddest wolf of a typhoon out there; huffing and puffing its way as it enters the Philippines with life-threatening floods.


This is not the first time we have encountered a horrible typhoon in our island country, but even with news warnings, have we done anything to keep ourselves safe?

Typhoons can be devastating or mild. We can only truly find out its true strength as the day closes in; in the meantime, shouldn’t we have everything we need prepared for such an eventuality?

Below is a small presentation done to help us keep ourselves safe and ready for the upcoming typhoon:

One thing important about this information is that you can actually reuse the survival kit. I am emphasizing this point because while many people prepare their typhoon kit, people open the kit and use whatever is inside for other things once the typhoon has left.

If you absolutely have to use your emergency kit on non-emergency and non-disaster-related problems, always make sure to double-check and restock what is necessary; otherwise, you’ll be screwed when disaster strikes.

The above presentation was done thanks to JCI Fort Bonifacio Taguig City’s Open Knowledge Project. To learn more, please visit https://www.jcifortbonifacio.org/