WATCH: Grab Promises a Better Experience with #GrabBayanihan

Grab Bayanihan


One of the definining traits of Filipinos is bayanihan, or the act of helping one’s neighbor and doing tasks together. Historically, the value is exemplified when a family in the rural area would move residences. The neighbors will literally carry the bahay kubo on wooden poles and move it to the next location. Even if more and more Filipinos are moving to cities where there are no bahay kubo, the spirit of bayanihan is still alive.

It’s the trait that Grab is channeling in these times when the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is cracking down on all transport network companies (TNCs). Thankfully, Grab is still allowed to operate, thus giving commuters a safe, convenient, and affordable option when going around the city. In these trying times, Grab is promising a better experience with #GrabBayanihan.

Watch a video below with Brian Cu, the country head of Grab Philippines, and Anthony Tan, the CEO and co-founder of Grab who is in the Philippines to show his support:

In the video, Cu assures the riding public that they’ve heard the feedback and that they’re providing the best service that they can. They even enumerated the steps they’re doing.

The first step is regulating their pricing by decreasing the price surge and capping it at 1.4 from 1.8. And when it comes to drivers who cancel a lot? Grab has banned and suspended drivers who frequently cancel. The platform is also working on increasing the supply of drivers by accepting Uber drivers to make sure that there are enough rides for everyone.

It’s great to know that the concept of bayanihan is still alive even if we live in a more modern time. It’s also great to know it’s still alive even in the digital age.


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