WATCH: This Gorgeous Dentist Started a YouTube Channel to Show the World that Dentists Aren’t Scary

Are you scared of dentists? If so, you are not alone. In fact, a lot of Filipinos ignore oral hygiene and dental problems altogether. Did you know that 92.4% of Filipinos have tooth decay while 78% have gum diseases (source: Philippine Department of Health website)?

Well, guess what? You don’t have to be scared of dentists. And that is the exact point that Dr. Shideh Nikbin would like to give across.


Dr. Shideh Nikbin is a doctor of dental medicine in both the Philippines and Iran. She finished her post-graduate studies in Orthodontic from the University of the Philippines and specialized in Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia. Dr. Shideh is one of the founders of Fashion Smile Dental Spa, Aramesh Wellness, and Pizza World, and is currently a board member of the Rotary Club in Circuit Makati.

Dr. Shideh is half-Filipino and half-Persian. She shares that she got her sense of entrepreneurship from her Persian dad, her intelligence from her Filipina mom, and her beauty from both.

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Dr. Shideh grew up in a family of doctors. Since they own a hospital, she got to learn how to manage patients and run a medical business through her involvement and exposure to it. “I always see an opportunity for myself to grow in my profession, business and personal life,” Dr. Shideh shares. “I chose to start my life, business, and career here because I fell in love with my motherland.”

It was a rough road for Dr. Shideh, though, because she did not know anyone here nor was she familiar with the system. Plus, she didn’t know the Filipino language well. Still, with faith, plans, and dreams, she saw an opportunity in the Philippines to turn her dreams into reality.

“My vision was to have a dental health center that doesn’t just focus on teeth, but the whole framework of the face while bringing relaxation and wellness to patients at the same time,” she reveals. This is definitely something that people all over the world dream of when it comes to the world of dentistry. After all, since we were kids, dentists weren’t exactly seen as an avenue for relaxation and wellness. That aside, Dr. Shideh also took the opportunity to help her Filipino countrymen by providing jobs for them.


Dr. Shideh just started her YouTube channel ‘Dr. Glam’ last August to show that dentists aren’t actually very scary, as well as to share the importance of dental health. “Good dental health can provide a better lifestyle,” she addresses.

“I feel that YouTube is a great platform to reach different varieties of audiences,” she adds. “It can also promote dental health and change the misperception about going to the dentist.”

Dr. Shideh’s YouTube channel aims to show a different side and aspect of a dentist and a dental clinic. It will be fun for younger audiences to connect and learn and get motivated to take better care of themselves.

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