WATCH: Giant Stand-Up Paddleboard Can Let you Paddle as a Group!

What’s better than paddleboarding? Paddleboarding with your friends in one board, of course!

To those who aren’t familiar with the sport yet, the elements of stand-up paddleboarding are simple: you have a board, and you wade through the water with a paddle while standing up. Yes, standing up. And no, it’s not so difficult. It’s actually a lot easier than it first looks! The most daunting part of the activity is getting up, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it actually is a piece of cake.

But here’s a new twist to the sport. Usually a board is enough for one person, till two at most, so seeing this giant paddleboard with five adults in it is quite the fascinating sight! Without a doubt, stand-up paddleboarding or SUP (as it is commonly called) is an exciting, fun sport, but surely, it’s even more exciting and fun this way.

Watch the exhilarating video here, shared by Pat Myers on Vimeo:

“It’s hard to not have a good time on this thing!” Myers wrote on his page. We agree.