WATCH: Get to Know Your Prehistoric Lolos and Lolas from ‘A Lolong Time Ago’

Who doesn’t love a good story? Especially if it’s the true story of where Filipinos came from?

A Lolong Time Ago, the first volume of Halo Halo Histories, gives that. It shares a prehistory of the Philippines that many of us have forgotten or have never bothered to find out. For example:

DID YOU KNOW? We actually have 5 Independence Days. That Filipinos did not actually come in waves, as many baby boomers, Gen X-ers, and maybe a  few millennials assume. That our prehistoric lolos and lolas were hip and groovy folks.

The authors, headlined by Michelline Suarez, Joonee Garcia, Divine Reyes, and Benjor Catindig, are hoping we, their readers, old and young, will discover things about our past that can change our view of it.

Although geared primarily for children, the book is a goldmine of information, broken down into manageable chunks, that will appeal even to adults. Informative, funny, and enlightening, it tickled my curiosity and made me yearn for more information about our past. We adults can enjoy this book, too. I love it, in fact.

Sometimes, I envy other nations who pour out immense resources into documenting their past and who place great importance in preserving their heritage, making sure that their people have a strong self-identity.

Our country’s history can more than match these countries’ as ours goes a ‘lolong’ way before the Spaniards came but, sadly, most people I know know very little about this part of our past.

Believe me. Our past is glorious. We come from a brave and wise people. We were warriors and priestesses, craftsmen and explorers. We were extraordinary. We still are.

Don’t you think it’s time to meet our prehistoric lolos and lolas up close? In this fascinating book about how the Philippines was formed and how our earliest ancestors lived, you can do so.

In looking back, the authors say, “we might just understand the present and create a brighter future.”

To grab a copy, go to the nearest bookstore or leave a message on the Halo Halo Histories Facebook Page. Just click on any photos on this article to get there.

Excited to grab a copy? Do you have a copy? Share your thoughts with us!

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