WATCH: Funny Video of Kanye West Being Kanye West on The Ellen Show

I can’t be the only one LOLing at this.

In a recent interview of Kanye West with Ellen Degeneres at The Ellen Show, the rapper, well…pulled a Kanye. (It’s sad that we all get what that means right?) In a classic Kanye fashion, the 38 year old artist went on and on and on about all things about himself, the music industry, the fashion industry, and the human race. No kidding.

The rapper has always been known for his public rants and outbursts, but the most iconic of all was that time he jumped on stage and grabbed the microphone away from Taylor Swift who was in the middle of giving her speech after receiving an award. Last April, during Kanye West’s show in Manila for Paradise Music Fest, he recounted this event in his life, pertaining to it as a turning point in his career.

After all that has happened, you think this guy would learn how to turn things down a little….BUT, if that were the case then he wouldn’t be the crazy and–let’s face it–talented artist we all love.

Watch the funny video edit of the interview here by Facebook page,

Kanye West’s Epic Rant On ‘Ellen’Behold the next-level nuts #KanyeWest x Ellen DeGeneres rant everyone’s talking about.

Posted by on Thursday, May 19, 2016

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