WATCH: Filipinos in China are Asking for Help Because of the Coronavirus Outbreak

According to CNN, the amount of coronavirus cases in mainland China has already overtaken SARS with death tolls mounting rapidly. Amidst all of the hubbub, a video has been uploaded on YouTube and shared on social media of two Filipinos stuck in the chaos of it all.

Watch the video here:


In the video, the two Filipinos share their fear of the situation getting worse and them possibly getting the virus and not being able to leave. While they are okay at the moment and don’t have any symptoms associated with the coronavirus, they are scared of getting the virus within the next few days. Because of this, they are asking for help, partly also because their family is also worried.

The two unnamed Filipinos in the video  claim that they are the only Filipinos and the only foreigners in Jingzhou, which is 90 minutes away from Wuhan. They share that their higher-ups are already holding meetings because they are running out of food and water. They don’t know what the next few days hold.

Right now, Jingzhou is under lockdown along with Wuhan and other places in China. The two share that some people there want to stay and some want to leave, but they really want to leave because they are having a hard time and are really nervous of what the next few days hold.

Sharing more on the situation in the area, they say that more and more people are getting the coronavirus. “We’re not trying to scare anyone,” they assure the viewers. “The thing is: we aren’t just watching videos about it; we are seeing what is happening with our own eyes.”

They can’t just stay at home, either, because they still have to go out to buy food. When they had to go out once, but the taxi driver didn’t want to take them to the train station because he was scared. By the time they got there, the station was closed because their area was already under lockdown. They said their city looks like a ghost town right now without any taxis operating. They are scared that things will get even worse and hope to get help while it’s still early and they haven’t gotten the virus yet.

“Please share the video, so it can reach President Duterte,” they say, whom they are asking help from while they are still healthy.

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