WATCH: Even Ellen DeGeneres Got Confused by This Viral Filipino Soda Ad

Who could ever forget the bewildering ad of a local soda brand that premiered online a few months ago? Even without me naming the brand, chances are you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.

Ellen Degeneres RC cola ad

Well, apparently the ad made its way across the world and wound up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where host Ellen played it to her audience during one of the show’s segments called “Ellen and Twitch Guess What’s Going to Happen Next in This Crazy Commercial.”

If you can recall, the ad depicts a son asking his mother if he’s adopted due to the fact that he has a set of drinking glasses stuck on his back. His mother, in tears, takes off her head to reveal the bottle of RC Cola attached to her neck.

After showing a portion of the ad when the son reveals the cups on his back, Ellen and DJ Twitch had to guess among the choices what would happen next. They ended up choosing the wrong answer and were subsequently left speechless until the very end of the ad, where the whole family is shown drinking the soda from the son’s back.

“I was wondering how they’re going to drink it and that’s how,” was all Ellen ended up saying in reaction to what she saw. DJ Twitch, meanwhile, couldn’t stop laughing in utter confusion.

The RC Cola ad, which was created by ideas agency GIGIL, has been widely talked about all over the country ever since it was posted, with many Filipinos creating art, memes, and a whole lot more based on it. It’s received much praise but has also sparked debates about its nonsensical nature.

Ellen’s reaction garnered 400 thousand views in just four days, taking the Top 18 spot on YouTube PH trends.

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