WATCH: How to Enjoy Puerto Galera on a Budget with Your Barkada

Barkada trips are always best on a budget, but it isn’t always easy. After all, there are various things to take into consideration when you’re traveling as a group. Marilyn Lacorte and Rae Gel Rivera know that all too well. Marilyn shares that they first chose a resort in Lipa City for their barkada trip a few months ahead, but one of their batch mates in Qatar suggested Puerto Galera 2 weeks before finalizing the exact date.

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After finding a promo on Metrodeal and all of their friends finding time off of work in other places (Thailand, Qatar and Bacolod), they all met at their Alma Mater, where Marilyn still stays and spent the night with her family. Watch their video here:

According to Marilyn, here’s how much they consumed for 3 days:

Day 1
Bugtong to Batangas Pier – P235
Batangas Pier to Boat Docking Area & v/v (Minolo Shipping Lines) – P2500
Environmental Fee & Insurance – P375
Service from docking area to Blue Water Lodge & v/v – FREE
Blue Water Lodge – P1999 for 4
Additional per person – P500
Week-end Surcharge – P500
Food for breakfast – P600
Dinner (at comedy bar) – P500
2 6-liter bottles water – P240

Day 2
Tricycle – P60
Island hopping boat rent (1-7 persons) – P2500 (5 islands to visit)
Cave garden visit, Snorkeling & Fish feeding – negotiable up to P1600
Br-unch – P600
Dinner (videoke bar) – P500

Day 3
Breakfast – P550
Lunch – P450
T-Shirt – P500
Exit Fee – P75

“No one will realize how imaginable a place is until you set foot to it by yourself,” Marilyn says. “We went there as a group of 5 people but we left doubled, not just in number, but with innumerable fun. Puerto Galera is a place where people from different places and races meet. It’s not for rent, but it’s for free.”

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