WATCH: Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl” Music Video Is Out And It Was Shot By Ed Himself!

Ed Sheeran just knows how to get into the hearts of his fans all around the world.

Just a short while after announcing tour dates to Asia (that’s right, ED IS COMING TO ASIA), he then suddenly dropped the music video of his song “Galway Girl.”

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It was so obvious on his caption that he dearly loved this particular video. And why not? It was all shot by him!

Here’s the Galway Girl video, shot by me, thanks to everyone who featured in it!

Check out the awesome video below:

“Galway Girl” featured, of course, the beautiful city of Galway, and Irish/American acteess Saoirse Ronan. There was also a brief cameo of the famous “Galway Grill” tattoo that made entertainment headlines because of the wrong spelling. (Ed later cleared up that it was intentional)

Fans rejoiced at the new video, especially since it awesomely captured the whole vibe of the song itself. Plus, we just got to see the world through Ed Sheeran’s eyes! How cooler can that be?!

Now I definitely can’t wait for him to come to Manila!

What did you think of Ed Sheeran’s cinematography skills? Share it with us below!

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