WATCH: Dad Tells Cutest, Most Amazing Story While Giving Away his Daughter at her Wedding

Though a woman’s wedding day could easily be the best day of her entire life, there’s usually that one person who’s crying in the insidetheir dads.

This certainly looks like the case in this cute video, which shows a father giving away her daughter on her wedding day. After all, no matter if we’re 5 or 35, we will all perpetually be our parents’ babies. And that’s exactly how this dad’s story began.

He started by telling the story of how his little girl came into their lives, how he constantly prayed for her to become a good person, and how he got everything he asked for. She turned out to be a beautiful, compassionate, kind woman. But that wasn’t all. The cherry-on-top is in the coming together of this entire speech. “Don’t screw it up,” he warns the groom, and everyone laughs. This dad’s punchlines are funny as can be, but he sure as hell can deliver a moving line, too. When in the subject of how his daughter met her husband-to-be, he wrapped it up in one short but incredibly moving anecdote: “I said Lord, make her happy…and she met you.”

Of course, us narrating this for you won’t be as charming as when this great dad does it, so we’ll just stop right here and leave the rest for you to witness yourself. Grab a tissue. You might shed a tear or two.

What was your favorite part of the speech? Let us know your thoughts about this inspiring video in the comments.