WATCH: Cows Roam the Streets of Baguio City Amid Community Quarantine

As different cities all over the globe go into lockdown and the world quiets down there have been several reports of animals venturing into urban areas. Some have been fake, but this one is definitely real though we cannot say if it is necessarily correlated to the enhanced community quarantine.

NOW: Mga bakang namamasyal sa gabi. Pakicheck Loakan Proper Barangay??

Posted by Jonard Don Bactad Jardenil on Sunday, April 5, 2020

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Jonard Don Jardenil posted on his Facebook just last week a number of photos and videos depicting cows as they roam the streets of Baguio City at night. It was documented at the late hours of the evening, between 10:50 pm of April 5 to 1:00 am of April 6 at Loakan Proper.

Now: Isa pang barkada ng mga baka. IDK if normal lang to dito sa Loakan Proper Barangay, Baguio City. Qt pero concerned na din sa mga baka at mga owners nila ??Too much of cows tonight. Good night yieeeeeha!

Posted by Jonard Don Bactad Jardenil on Sunday, April 5, 2020

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According to Jonard, the roaming cows were raised by locals. He says that members of their Barangay Facebook group call it a typical occurrence for the cows to roam around at night, though it was still a new sight for him. Rest assured, they know to go home after loitering the streets.

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