WATCH: Chuck Bass is Back on TV as Vincent Swan

No matter what, you have to admit that Ed Westwick will always – and I mean ALWAYS!!! – be Chuck Bass in our minds and hearts. Despite the hit TV show ‘Gossip Girl’ having ended 5 years ago, the suave and sexy Chuck Bass is still who comes to mind whenever we see Ed’s face – and that’s exactly what we saw when this trailer for BBC Two’s ‘White Gold’ came out:

Yes, Ed is back on TV! In ‘White Gold’ he plays the role of a charismatic smooth-talking salesman named Vincent Swan who will do anything to get a sale. Judging from the various videos that have been released online, he’s basically playing an older Chuck Bass… but with his actual British accent intact. Chuck Bass with a British accent? YES, PLEASE.

Will you be watching this show? 🙂