WATCH: Chachi Gonzales dances while she’s pregnant!

The 23-year-old American dancer and choreographer, Chachi Gonzales, was part of I.aM.mE a dance group that won the sixth season of America’s Best Dance Crew in 2011.

On a Youtube video posted on August 2, 2019, Matt Stefanina posted a video featuring Chachi.

His caption read: “Chachi is pregnant so we had to do our version of the baby mama dance and get one more collab in before she becomes a mom… crazy! She’s one of my first friends in LA and so many of my favorite memories out here teaching and dancing are with her. Can’t believe she can still dance like this, wtf! ur amazing. love you chach,” ending it with a sweet smiley-face.

Watch the video below to see Chachi dancing while she’s pregnant:

Some comments went like “Her baby is probably gonna be another great dancer,” and some users joked: “Her baby is thinking that what mom is doing on Earth,” and “The baby in her abdomen is wacking.”

A Twitter user even made a video on what the kid must be feeling while she was dancing:

As surprising as it is, she actually posted a Youtube video at the end of May announcing her pregnancy.

Her baby’s father, Jukka Hildén, also announced it on his Instagram:

Personally, I knew Chachi when she was just a rising star because of her dancing videos constantly posted on several social media platforms.

Congrats on your new adventure, Chachi!

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