WATCH: Cars 3’s New Teaser Showcases 3 Hot New Cars

Cars 3’s new teaser trailer is cool AF. So cool, in fact, that for a moment there I forgot this is an animated film, not a Fast and the Furious installment.

The first teaser trailer Disney Pixar released for Cars 3 got viewers questioning the film’s target market too, as the mood is a bit grim for young viewers. In the trailer, it is hinted that the main character in the film, everyone’s favorite race car, Lightning McQueen, gets in an accident. And the mood is a bit dark. You can watch it here.

So perhaps this follow-up teaser trailer is an attempt to lighten up the mood a bit. But it works. The preview contains three parts, each presenting a hot new wheels as if in a car show. And the presentation really is cool AF.

Watch it here:

Cars 3 features the voices of Owen Wilson and Bonnie Hunt, and is set to hit the theaters on July 2017.

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