WATCH: BTS Performs in One of the Busiest Train Stations in New York City

Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Not everyone can perform at Grand Central Terminal, one of the busiest train stations in the entire North America. But not everyone is like BTS.

Earlier this week, the Korean boy band performed their hit song “On” in an empty transportation hub, courtesy of The Tonight Show.

Watch it below:

The Grand Central is a world-famous landmark that is one of the most-visited destinations in New York City, second only to Times Square. One of its main attractions is the four-faced opal clock, which sits in the center of the Main Concourse above the Information Booth and is often the meeting place for visitors and locals alike. The station accommodates 750,000 visitors every day.

According to reports, planning this shoot took two months. Surprisingly, the station remained open when the members of BTS arrived at midnight (the station closes at 2AM). The production chose to shoot on a weekend when the flow of commuters wasn’t as heavy.

The shoot happened at 2AM and they only had two hours, since the cleaning staff had to come in to wash the floors before the terminal opened again at 5:15AM.

Apart from this historic performance, the boys also joined host Jimmy Fallon for the Subway Olympics and a Q&A.

Watch it below:

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