WATCH: BTS Gets Blown Away by Filipina Singer’s Cover of ‘Boy With Luv’

BTS couldn’t help but gush over a Filipina singer’s cover of their 2019 hit single “Boy With Luv” during a reaction video they filmed with Glamour Magazine.

The seven-piece band watched a total of five different covers of different songs that included one by Ysabelle Cuevas wherein she translated the Korean lyrics of “Boy With Luv” to English, rewriting some lines “to make it flow better but still reflect the overall message.”

Jungkook and J-Hope loved the overall vibe of her cover.

“I love this!” J-Hope expressed. “The arrangement is fantastic!” He even said that he was going to find the video and listen to it again.

“She did such a good job,” V added. Meanwhile, Jimin complimented her “great talent and energy.”

When Cuevas saw how the Kpop sensation reacted to her video, which she posted back on April 21, 2019, she got so emotional and was on the verge of tears.

“Oh my gosh. I’m gonna start crying. I’m flying through the sky right now. This is crazy,” she said. “I love their songs so much and I think they have so much meaning to them that it doesn’t always translate with people who are not familiar with the language. That’s why I started English covers.”

She then shared how BTS had left a huge impact on her life and helped her push through the hard times and, for that, she will forever be grateful.

Watch their reaction to her video below:

Ysabelle also took to her Instagram account to share with her over 102,000 followers the amazing surprise she was treated to by Glamour Magazine. “It’s been years, this @bts.bighitofficial fangirl is over the moon,” she wrote on her post. “Thank you Glamour for choosing my cover. Click the link in my stories to see the boys react to my #BoyWithLuv cover!”

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Other than her amazing covers, Ysabelle is well-known for her original compositions which she posts on various music streaming sites and on her YouTube channel.

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