WATCH: Bruno Mars 24K Magic is GOLD!

As a big fan of Bruno Mars, I always make it a point that if he has a new song, I must listen to it. And every time he releases a song, I always instantly like t…

No, wait, I don’t like it. I love it!! Like this oneBruno Mars is back with a dance-y, retro, yet fresh track entitled 24K Magic!

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Taking a break from all the EDM, turnt music, trap, and what have you, 24K Magic has a very catchy beat, a love-child of disco, pop, a dash of hip-hop, and the magic his band provides! Let us not forget that Bruno Mars dances as well, and the choreography in this music video could easily be another dance challenge. Watch the video here! Prepare them 24 karat pinky rings, get your dancing shoes on and dance to the beat of Bruno Mars!



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