WATCH: Aged pianist draws a small, singing crowd in a mall in Makati

Lolo pianist definitely got his humble crowd “Singing”!

A mall-goer was able to capture the beautiful music of an aged man who joyfully played in the piano situated at a mall in Makati. Despite his old age, he happily played the piano with perfect tempo and preciseness, where he played “Sing” by the Carpenters.

Some mall-goers stopped by and sang along gleefully, and even tried conducting his singing audience as he played.

Carl Cordora Pueda, the uploader, tells WHEN IN MANILA that the pianist’s skills and smile “gave our heart a warm hug”.

I was just strolling around inside the mall, when I saw Lolo gracefully and joyfully playing the piano. I haven’t got the chance to talk to lolo because I had an errand during that day and I just stopped and recorded lolo for a while. I saw in the comments that Lolo’s ‘actual’ name is Bong; I’m not sure though. He said that he plays on Fridays and Saturdays in that mall.

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Disclaimer: does not own the photo. Credits go to Carl Cordora Pueda.