WATCH: Aesthetic Center Previews Permanent Lipstick Procedure… on a Male Model

WATCH Aesthetic Center Previews Permanent Lipstick Procedure... on a Male Model

Cosmetic procedures have become normal for many of us. Suddenly, we don’t bat an eyelash when we hear of people having tummy tucks or diamond peels. Maybe it’s because of people are becoming more vain each day and there are cosmetic surgeons willing to make your dreams come true. Or because doctors are doing fine jobs in making you look your best.

If you are thinking of getting a cosmetic procedure, the key is not to make it look too obvious. It would definitely catch people off guard if one day you look like yourself and in two weeks you look like Beyonce. In short, do your procedures gradually or make it look natural. So if you’re a straight guy, don’t think about getting a permanent lipstick procedure, like the guy in the video below.

The video below advertises a new procedure where the patient can get permanent lipstick. According to the doctor, it may look dark now, but it will eventually look natural. It sounds like a cool procedure if you’re a lazy girl who wants to look her best all the time, but we’re wondering, why did the doctor use a male model?

Watch the full video below:

Guys, would you try something like this? Share your thoughts below!

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